creating an (almost) sound proof room, help needed

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creating an (almost) sound proof room, help needed

Сообщение carterturner » 05 авг 2017, 14:09

Hi everyone:
I will move into a new apartment shortly and I recently began working from home. Usually the outside noise doesn't bother me but lately 2 things have been happening. I've been getting many headaches indirectly because of this but especially I realized that for my particular work (online business from home) the outside noise (and I mean sometimes even coming from miles away) filters through my mic and other devices that may capture sound (including cellphone). Please also have in mind that i've never had this happen, also my first time in any online forum and especially, at my age some explanation for things with patience might be required. I want to create a room that reduces the outside noise to a minimum or have a sort of sound proof room in which i can work without outside interference. Then my questions are these. I simply want to add something existing to whats already in this apartment. No rebuilding, no taking down walls to add/put extra materials. I just want to know what to and how to do with say, this studio proofing studio foam tiles (that I found online, or any others). If I have a room that I already envision as my working area, so if I put this tiles inside this office room, will I be blocking the outside noise or just not letting the noise from my room go outside the apartment ? Sorry if my questions seem too basic but I have no idea as I've never had these problems before. Any advice as to how to keep outside noise to a minimum ? Or is it that my whole approach is mistaken ?
Please Help.
Thanks !
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