Sound of doors closing in downstairs apt coming through bedr

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Sound of doors closing in downstairs apt coming through bedr

Сообщение carterturner » 05 авг 2017, 14:07

Hello, I'm brand new here, and very grateful for any solutions people could provide because I'm the lightest sleeper on Earth! I had no problems in my top floor apt for months, but then as soon as this new tenant moved in downstairs, I'm hearing doors closing constantly at all hours, coming through the floor into my bedroom. Even though I sleep with earplugs and a fan, the noise is jarring enough that it still wakes me up. My bedroom has 2 closet doors, the bedroom door itself, and then there's a bathroom door just outside. And it gets very humid where I live, so the doors don't always close easily. Assuming her apt is laid out the same as mine, I think she's forcing those four doors to shut without realizing how it echoes upstairs. Since it's a rental, it's not like I can rip up the hardwood floors or something, but what else would you recommend? Should I be lining the floors in the closet with acoustic panels? I guess I could also carpet the bedroom floor and put another layer of soundproofing under the carpet. Any advice is appreciated, though my budget on this isn't endless of course.
Please Help.
Thanks !
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